Friday 8 June 2007


Ive been tagged by cactus to list my favourite TV Shows. It was a bit hard for me as I really don't watch much TV, but here goes.

Benny Hill re-runs on cable, Sunday mornings 8AM - yes I actually get out of bed early to watch this. A comic genius and the best comedian EVER in my opinion, I still have a great laugh watching him.

Deadwood - Why do I like this? I am still asking myself this question as I am not a fan of Westerns, the swearing is atrocious (they use the C word which I hate) but I'm absolutely hooked and cannot wait for series 4 to come. I threaten anyone with death if I'm disturbed when watching this show!! lol

Love this show - I suppose It's the dancer in me.I even tolerate the host Daryl Sommers ( a pain in the butt I can tell ya) because I love it so much.

Inspires me to greater things.

Big Brother (Australia) I know (Hangs head in shame) why do I start to watch these things. lol


Chris H said...

Hmmm, you have different tastes alright! I like Benny Hill, havn't seen Deadwood, Can't stand Dancing with the Stars, Love Biggest Loser and can't see Big Brother's banned I think.

Christine said...

You and I have some of the same TV addictions. Love Biggest Loser and live for Big Brother! :) Hey - I notice a loss in your challenge - congrats to you - very happy for you.

CactusFreek said...

I loooaaath Benny Hill! lol

If you like Deadwood, you'll definatly love Carnivale! [So i've been told] I haven't seen Deadwood but i really want to [because of the above advise] but i'll wait for the box sets to appear in the video store. Or maybe i'll take me up on my own offer and download the first episode :o) I hate it when shows have the "C" word too. It's uncalled for :o/

I'm glad you like BB, Now we can bitch about the "Queen & Princess" together! lol
Who's your fav? I like Jamie best. I used to like aliesha a lot, untill she teamed up with Queen Skank.
I like Travis too, but he's starting to annoy me lol

White Rose Boy said...

Benny Hill was hilarious. Haven't seen any of the other shows though.

Spidey said...

I like Benny Hill a lot too. I first saw him back when I was a youth, and the skimpy outfits on the dancers kept me tuning in for more.

Deadwood is grotesque! I tuned in to one episode because LOVEJOY is in the cast. I am not sure if he is the main star.

The show I tuned in (after it had already started), he was receiving oral sex and was cursing at her something fierce while it was being done. I was astonished. I had such a high opinion of Lovejoy. Couldn't watch after that. Any show that crude is not something I want to pollute my brain with.

CactusFreek said...

Spider63, If you watched Benny Hill [and south park re: your comment on my blog] Your brain is already way beyond polluted! lol

celtic_girl said...

Spider, you have a good memory, I don't remember the wild thing being done in the furst episdoe!!

Spidey said...

Did you ever watch LOVEJOY? Now that was a good show. Fun, friendly, smart, and no cursing during the sexy bits. There weren't many sexy bits, but it was implied that the Duchess was keen on him