Tuesday 17 July 2007


A heartfelt thank you for all your kind thoughts and well wishes. You are all a special bunch of people I am fortunate to know.

The past week has been extremely busy and stressful with my SIL passing away and organising my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary. There were a few hiccups on the way like flowers and cakes not being what I ordered for the 50th. The restaurant we booked was totally crap and I was disappointed in the food and service, it it had been under different circumstances I would have complained, but I know my mother wouldn't have liked me doing it. One thing for sure, we wont be going back there.

My SIL funeral was yesterday and we had the wake back here at our home, we catered for 30 people and only half came back, so I've got food (particularly cakes and cheesecakes) coming out of my ears at the moment. I was trying to offload plates onto everyone as they left, I think I'll have to throw most of it out.

Had a specialists appointment today, he recommended I go on a gluten free diet, as I'm having some regular flare ups with the colitis. It's funny as I have been reading up on this myself and toying with the idea, to see if it would give me any relief from my symptoms, so maybe this is a sign it is right.
I have decided not to weigh in this week, I know I've gained, I can feel it (my undies are a bit tighter,which are sure sign for me lol!) I don't think I could handle anymore bad news this week.

As it was my 20th wedding anniversary and my parents 50th wedding anniversary last week I'll leave you with some wedding photos.


Chris H said...

Glad this stressful week is behind you, don't blame you for not weighing in, don't think I will either! Your wedding dress looks devine, and I just LOVE the flowers the bridesmaids and flowergirl had! Gorgeous photos Kerry.

Spidey said...

Dear CG,

You have had a very stressful week, and even so you have done a lot. I used to complain whenever a restaurant's food or service was not up to par. I wonder how many times I had someone spit on my food when it got sent back because it was cold?

Anyhow, the bottom line is that sometimes restaurants are just bad, or else the staff is having an off day. I never complain anymore unless there is something totally un-edible. It just puts everyone off more than the bad service or bad food does, and it usually does not result in any improvement anyways.

So you did the right thing to just suck it up and go with the flow. It is not easy to do sometimes, but I think it is better for everyone.

angelfish24 said...

Thanks for sharing the photos. You both were such lovely brides.

Sorry to hear of all the bad news for you lately. I hope things look up for you soon.

Christine said...

Great pictures. Thanks for sharing. Your parents picture is so nice, they look so happy. 50 years is something special...your wedding picture - LUV the purple - sexy! :) 20 years is amazing - I am happy enough to have my 1st anniversary coming up! Glad you are feeling better and blogging.

Rebecca said...

Well, I see two beautiful brides here! You have had many years to treasure! Count your blessings.

I hope this stress will be aleviated and soon for your family.

CactusFreek said...

Your husband looks like an ex boyfreind of mine! lol
In photos i've seen of your dad before, he looked like Antonio Banderas. But he doesn't in this pic.
Pass that cheesecake my way. I'll look after it for you :oP
Wanna B Slim doesn't eat glutten [i think] Maybe she could give you some good recipes?
Good on you for getting through this week without a melt down.
It's all good from here :o)

Half Man said...

This week is behind you, the rest of your wonderful life is ahead of you. Happy Anniversary!!!

White Rose Boy said...

Happy Anniversary, your hubby is a lucky man.

Leanne said...

Nice Photos. Its good to see that there are other couples around that have lasted 50 years together. My parents are celebrating their 50th this year too, and the family is going to organise a renewal of wedding vows and a celebration afterwards.

Sorry to hear you've had a hard week, hope things look up for you soon.