Saturday 7 July 2007

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So that's what happened the cat - got the crapper scared out of him and he ran away!

Can't put a title on this, is anyone else having this problem????

I'm thinking of starting Optifast - you know the shake meal replacements, anyone else had any experience on these. They are quite rigid I know, but rigidity works for me, the tougher I am with myself the better I perform,. Hm mm wonder if I was into flagellation in a past life.


Half Man said...

Sounds like Slimfast. I tried that years ago. They will work if you follow the directions exactly including the regular meal you are supposed to eat every day. I have two problems with Slimfast. 1st, it doesn't teach you to eat right. 2nd, I don't believe they are truly interested in helping people lose weight, only in buying more of their products which is why they make candy bars...I mean health bar now.

Spidey said...

The shakes might be a good alternative to something else. The problem that I found was that a 10 oz. shake had about 200+ calories which is just slightly less than a glass of milk. I did not feel my appetite suppressed, but then I have never been affected by any appetite suppressant that I have tried.

Chris H said...

I have tried various diet drinks like that before, they usually taste yuk, therefore putting me off. And I kinda like something to 'eat' instead of drink, must be chewing something..... cos it makes me feel like I'm eating??? Make any sense? I hope if you go ahead it works for you, even if it just gets you going in the right direction. They often have cereal/protein bars as well, which I loved!

Abba said...

Anything will work if we put our minds to it and follow programs to the letter. But unfortunately, life is all about daily battles, and many times those programs don't work because we don't follow them to the letter. I did slim fast years ago and it actually worked. I would do it again, but I can't choke down the taste of those nasty drinks.

Christine said...

Oh gosh - you have some great pictures on your blog lately! Love the Tough love - that made me laugh out loud! I tried the whole slimfast thing for a while before my wedding last year - when you add up the calories of the powder and the milk - its about the same as a nice bowl of cereal, etc. The protein will help keep you fuller longer though - let us know what you plan to do - would love to hear what you choose. Take care.

CactusFreek said...

I have trouble naming some posts, but i just make a title out of the content.

I agree with Half Man. Drinking shakes doesn't teach you how to eat what you're supposed to, in the portions you're supposed to.
And i personaly think, with all of those weight loss companies that provide meals, they control how much you lose. And they don't want you losing too much weight or too soon, because they want to squeeze as much money out of you as possible. At the end of the day, their primary concern is making money.

CactusFreek said...

You could make the shakes yourself too. Just make smoothies with as many fruits as possible, some all bran, some no fat yogurt, and fat free milk.
I make them for breakfast, and they keep me going till lunch.
You could have one for breaky, a decent salad/chicken/tuna/ham lunch, then a smoothie at dinner.
I bet the weight would fall off, and it would be a darn site cheaper and healthier!!

Chubbymum said...

I agree with the others... they do work but in the long run hun isn't it that we want to change our lifestyle so we can do this for the rest of our lives and if it takes years then so be it. The statistics say the slower you loose it the longer it stays off.

But then again whatever makes you happy is a good thing too.

Whatever you choose we know you have thought about it and know it is the right thing for you.


"the captain" said...

The shakes are decent, but you are much better off eating a healthy meal. I like mixing the shakes with a low fat Snickers bar once in a while for a nice healthy treat.

Lady Rose said...

I didn't find that the shakes to a thing for hunger. I prefer Extend bars - only 150 calories, 11 grams of protein and designed to keep blood sugar levels stable for up to 9 hours (which helps with hunger). I have one of these and an apple for breakfast and lunch. I feel like I actually ate something rather then just drinking a meal. Then I have a lean protein and veggies for dinner.

If you want to do shakes you can make your own cheaper and better for you then Slim fast or Optifast -- Biopro Protein powder is only 80 calories, with 20 grams of protein (all can absorb in one meal), add some yogurt, a bit of fruit and you have a nice meal replacement. I get the unflavored one so I can add it to everything (just nothing to hot, warm is ok)