Monday 9 July 2007


Blogger is still not letting me put a heading in the "title" section so I'm resorted to doing the above.

Thanks for all your feed back from my last post. I agree with all that commented about the shakes not teaching me how to eat properly. My motivation for wanting to start them was to give me a bit of a push in regards to my weight loss. My plan was to see what I could achieve after staying on them for as long as I could stomach it. My previous record on these shakes was 3 days - pretty pathetic I know.

You see the old complacency devil is whispering in my ear, I think that's why my losses are not consistent. OK, the scales are coming down, but I am on the see-saw at the moment, down one week, up the next. O f course I know it is all my own doing so I'm experimenting with a few things to get the fire back in my belly again. As you all know I've lost 23kg or 50.6lbs apart from my immediate family, I have not had to many comments on my weight loss (particularly from my two brothers) which pisses me off a little. I know when your big it takes longer for others to see the results - but hey 23kg should be noticeable, after all I have dropped 3 sizes.

A couple of weeks ago someone I work with came out and announced he had lost 4kg's( 8.8lbs) and could we all tell. He's a big man and to be quite honest I couldn't see it. He got a bit narky when we said we couldn't and started to carry on about it. As usual I couldn't keep my mouth shut and told him I'd had lost 23kg and as he hadn't noticed that how was I supposed to have notice his 4kg. I don't like to be mean but I felt putting him in his place was warranted. He mad a hasty exit - stage left!

So today I have started, this morning for Breakfast I had a vanilla shake, it was palatable, to say the least. Lunch was a Optifast chocolate bar, not so nice but edible, I was going to do the meal replacement for 3 meals, but have decided on two per day. I'll have a normal meal tonight say around 500 calories which will take my daily calories to about 820, which is still lower than my 1500 I was previously having. I know it's only day one but I'm not feeling hungry, only empty. Like most obese people I like the taste sensation that food gives you.I've been watching some TV and doing some knitting to keep my mind of the food.

So far so good.


Rebecca said...

How does the opti- fast taste?

I am an emotional eater. I need something positive to replace that with.

If I had lost 50 lbs. I would shouting form the roof tops and contemplating running naked through the streets. You need to give yourself more POSITIVE FEEDBACK!

Look athe sizes of clothes that had to have changed, And the ability to shop for smaller clothes. That alone would make me feel like SUPERWOMAN.

CactusFreek said...

Blogger won't let me add headings either.
Good on you for putting that guy in his place. I lost 30 kilos a couple of years ago and only one person noticed. It really bothered me, and i have to admit that was one of the reason i let myself go again and put it all back on, plus some.
So speaking from experience, remember why you are losing weight - For you. You will get to a stage where people suddenly notice. And then it will be a "Holy shit, you are looking fabulous!" Rather than, "Have you lost weight?"
I think you have to lose a certain amount of "cushioning" before people start to see refined curves, y'know?
Looking at it that way, i'd have to lose around 50 kilos before people would even start to ask, "Have you lost weight?" The other 50 kilos i need to lose is refining curves. I accept that now, but i had to learn the hard way.
Do it for YOU. You know your body is shrinking. That's all that matters at the end of the day. :o)

With Big Brother, What did you think of Michelle getting the boot last night. I couldn't stand that woman. She gave me the shits sooooo much!! lol

Half Man said...

After 75 lbs. (20% less of me), I have had only a couple of people notice. I think it's hard for people to notice especially when they see you regularly. I have to admit, I am just now starting to see a difference myself.

Is 820 calories enough? That sounds pretty low.

Chris H said...

I totally understand why you are doing the shakes etc, if it helps to get you started again I'm all for it.... maybe even something I should look at doing too....friggin see saw going on here too.

Chris H said...

Oh yeah, I having the same trouble with blogger, took ages to get a heading on today's post, but I did it!

Kathy said...

I learned how to fool Blogger into letting me title my post. Hit preview and it will place the cursor on the title bar. Love your site.

Christine said...

I probably would have said the same thing to that co-worker. And I probably would have wagged my finger in his face a little bit - and then slapped my bootie as I walked away! I am sticking to about 1300-1400 calories a day - I find that satisfying - and consistent weight loss each week. Looking forward to hearing how your week goes. Take care.

Rachel said...

Go for it, I find that when I lose my motivation and just can't get back to eating 'healthy' etc something like Optifast gets me moving again.

I am floored that people haven't commented on your 23kg loss and good on you for putting Mr 4kg in his place.....god men are babies!

angelfish24 said...

I've always had problems sticking to the shake type programs as I like to have something to chew too. I hope it works for you and you get good wt loss from it. But for me, when I've done low cal diets or diets that don't taste good, I feel deprived and gain it all back when I eat normally or treats again.
And who was it, Oprah, who first lost all her wt on optifast and gained it back cause she didn't deal with the emotional eating and the food connection. Something that is a big problem for me too. Just my 2 cents.

Chubbymum said...

I do understand too. If it kick starts you hun then go for it.

Love ya

Spidey said...

I was having the same problem with the Blogger. Considering Google is worth about 500 billion dollars you would think they might actually hire some techies and keep their system from having so many glitches.

If you go to the formatting tab on your blog dashboard, there is a link for posting with titles and with links to your page. I changed the settings several times and when I put in all the extras then the title feature began working again. Perhaps if you tinker with it enough it will work for you too.

White Rose Boy said...

I'm also having the titles issue as I've just mentioned on my post before reading this. I'm gonna try Spiders suggestion.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. It is so dam annoying when people dont notice you have lost weight and the ones that dont are the first ones to open their traps if you gain. Ive tried the whole shakes thing before used to drink them for breakfast when I dint feel like eating any but I found I would be hungry within an hour of drinking them.