Tuesday 31 July 2007


Am feeling slightly better as long as I (1) Don't lift or do anything with my right arm and (2) take some regular pain meds. I came back to work yesterday (Monday) and survived the day and any fears I had about having the time off were eased by my co-workers concern (as I was told I looked like shit - nice. lol)

I ventured on the scales this morning - ugh! I weighed in at 122.2 kg which is a gain of 4.2kg or 9.24lbs - egad!! To be totally honest while not happy with the results, I have bigger fish to fry at the moment. I have though realised medicating myself with food is not the answer to my problems and if anything will only exacerbate them, so I'm keeping a check on my eating for the time being.

Thanks to all for you words of support and encouragement, it means a lot.


Christine said...

Sending encouraging thoughts your way! We're here to listen anytime. :) Take care.

Chris H said...

Awaiting a photo mate, you gave me such a fantastic idea!!! I have printed out a picture of all the bloggers who wished they could come but can't... and have a wall in the room plastered with them!!!! Want YOURS now mate!!!

Chris H said...

Awwww ta mate! I prefer it up usually, it is easier to see that way!

Spidey said...

Don't worry about it, I went from 266 up to 293 and I am back down to 285. sometimes stress will derail you a little, just do not let it become a complete landslide!

White Rose Boy said...

I'm sure the weight gain is due to the stress of what you are going through, it can't be easy for you.
However it is a double edged sword and if you keep gaining weight your health will be effected.
Keep going with the weight loss for yourself we will be here to encourage you.

CactusFreek said...

Just concentrate on getting better [[HUGS]]

I forgot to ask you, what did you think of of Aliesha winning BB? I was hoping Zach would win, but i couldn't vote as John has 1900 numbers blocked from our phones so the kids can't ring those silly TV quizes. You know, "What is the main colour of the ten dollor note??" etc lol

I went to the video store to hire the first season of Deadwood, and the manager said he didn't think i should watch it. He knows i'm a good little church going gal and he was concerned. Isn't that sweet??
Well, i haven't always been a good little church going gal, so i'm not niave to these things. But i have to say, the swearing is absolutely rediculous! It's like the writters of the show just used 3 insults over and over to fill in the script, and they really didn't have to! They didn't even use that language in those days.
I finished the last CD of the series this morning & i really enjoyed the show [besides the swearing] and against my better judgement, i'm going to have to hire out the second season. Dam it! lol
The video guy will be horrified lol

Lady Rose said...

**hugs** get well first don't fret the weight gain - main thing is you are aware of what you eat and not using it to medicate yourself (a bit step and one I have to battle too)

Sending good thoughts your way.