Tuesday 17 February 2009


Seems I've jinxed myself again, after telling my Immunologist last week I have been feeling great health wise, I get a flare up with my Ulcerative Colitis.

Since Friday I have had two major attacks with bleeding involved (which I've never had before). So now it will mean a trip to the bum doctor and probably a colonosopy again - FUCK! I am so over this!

Had my second fill yesterday which was an experience I don't wish to repeat again.

The fill itself went OK it's just I had a colitis attack 30 mins before my appointment and was glued to the loo in agony. I had another 1.5mls put in the band taking me up to 6mls in a 12mls band. It is quite tight, it almost feels as tight as it was post operative.

To add to my woes, this morning I woke up with a thumper of a migraine. My whole day has been spent trying not to spew. I had a couple of chucks this morning which produced zilch, but I felt better for them even though my stomach is sore.sore sore.

I hope my head is better tomorrow as I have to go in and do the wages, I can work with the stomach pains but cannot handle it when my head is pounding.

Once again - I am so over being sick, I just want to have e good stretch where my health is good.


Margaret said...

I feel for you, I know what its like to be stuck on a toilet all day with my dikky stomach.

Chin up, hope you come right soon.

Carlton said...

Fingers crossed for a good run of health sooner rather than later.

Nola said...

Sorry to hear you are having another run of bad health!! I really hope you are feeling better by now. Glad to hear the fill went OK though:)

Chris H said...

Bummer.... hope you are feeling way .. way better soon! You sure know how to throw a sickie! SO STOP IT!

Tania said...

And fingers crossed that stretch happens sooner rather than later!