Friday 20 February 2009


Today's weight is (drum roll please) 115.4kg.

That's a loss of 1.2kg(2.6lbs) for the week. My BMI is now out of the Morbidly Obese category - WOOHOO!

You know what though, I am a bit disappointed in that number,I mean considering that I've been eating sparrow rations since Monday and also taking into account what Iv'e lost in the loo I was expecting a bigger number.

Maybe it's the unrealistic expectations I always give myself that I'm disappointed but anyway - onwards.

Tomorrow I'm going to look for a new set of scales, the whizz bang ones that show body fat,water etc etc. Maybe I can get one that says - YOUR ARSE IS NOW 5 PICK AXE'S WIDE!!!! LOL!


Carlton said...

Congratulations on your weight loss. That is a great number to lose. You are going along so well and don't be too hard on yourself.

Good luck with your search for new scales and I hope there isn't too much of a difference in weight...

CactusFreek said...

That's a great loss :o)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes you can drop a big load and apparently it was all cardboard and does not weigh much. I have had that experience and wondered why the scale did not reflect the fact that I was leaving major roughage at the WC!

Nola said...

Good work!! I know how you feel...but we KNOW we have done a great job and if we were not...we would be getting BIGGER!!!!