Thursday 26 February 2009


Have not been having a good week.

I've been suffering from "Can't be arsed syndrome" and "Eyes are WAY to big for my new stomach size syndrome"

Today I stupidly caved in and ordered chinese takeaway - Sweet and Sour Pork - my favourite. 3 mouthfuls in KAPOW! bad pain in my sternan and left shoulder,had to bring it all back up. I think it was the boiled rice, so I ended giving it to one of my colleagues who had been drooling over it.

The last 3 days I've indulged in my old favourites - The evil Caramel Tarts. I have had the worst cravings for these littler suckers and have caved in on all three occasions. Mercifully today my usual source wont be going out, so I cannot ask her to get me one.

I'm feeling really disappointed with myself with all the 2 weeks on and then off the diet merry go round.It is really soul destroying when it takes me 1 week to put on all the weight I have lost the previous week.

Thank god for the band because in my frame of mind at the moment at least it STOPS me big time in the quantity department. It is only my own stupidity that's stuffing up in the quality department.

Why do we this? I mean the self sabotaging. Some will say it's the quick fix reward.Is my life so sucky I need to do this to myself. I mean hey,I've got my problems like everyone, but really I have a lot of things I am grateful for.I know at the moment I'm a bit stressed out over a few things, so maybe it's my knee jerk reaction to that.

On other issues, I bought a new set of scales - Tanita - cost me a fortune but great scales.Tells me my weight,% body fat,hydration levels,bone mass,muscle mass,how many calories I need to maintain my current weight (2000 cals)and BMR age.

Got some interesting stats,my BMR age is 50 which considering my weight is not bad at all as I'm currently 47. 48% fat(I expected more) and I have a significant amount of muscle mass, oh and I'm dehydrated(ok I knew that one).The downside is they weigh 2kg heavier than my previous scales,but I'll get used to that.

Anyway, all I can do is keep on keeping on and try,try and try!


Tania said...

Oh if only our mindset was as easily to adjust as our food choices can be!

For me personally, I think those tendencies to over indulge on favourite foods will ALWAYS be there, I just believe that my self talk will win out more often than not.

You will get there, it just takes time to adjust to what you can and can't tolerate and time for your head to say no to the foods you crave.

Scales sounds fabulous - I can see them fast becoming a new "toy".