Tuesday 10 February 2009


Ok, thanks to Cactus I can now link things ,so you can link my progress page HERE.

Woohoo it works!!!

Today I went back to me nutritionist and Immunologist for follow up visits. I had lost another 3 kgs since I saw them last, the biggest thing that I got a buzz out of was I have lost 10cm from my waist measurement since I started. That little piece of information was a great motivational shot for me.

The nutritionist agreed with me that I need another fill so I'm booked in again next Monday.He assures me once they get the fills right I'll stop feeling so damn hungry and start losing the weight more consistently.

My immunologist was also impressed with my weight loss to date and said when I lose another 10 kg's he going to start reducing my cortisone dose which will be great if we can as that is one of the main contributors to the weight gain side of things.So I have 3 months until my next visit so I think 10kg's in that time frame is achievable.


Chris H said...

Totally LOVE the picture~! YOU are doing really really well girl!

Tania said...

You go girl! 10kgs in 3 months is DEFINITELY achievable.

Mick said...

Thats so good, I'm sure you'll meet your weight loss tagets you are certainly moving in the right direction.

Moby Dick said...

You are doing great, it is awesome to see your progress!