Friday 24 August 2007


As we say here in Australia, I have been "flat out like lizard drinking" and havn't had much time to blog.

My weigh in was a non event - I stayed the same. I suppose it was to much to ask for a loss after my gigantor effect last week and also the fact I have had a couple of cheat days, so all in all a pleasing result.

Am feeling a bit bored on this diet at the moment, the new book I have ordered still hasn't arrived so am waiting for it eagerly.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.


Chris H said...

Glad you are maintining and not gaining.... it can get boring eh? Hope you have a fan-fricken-tastic weekend, I am hoping to!!!

Christine said...

It is hard to stay inspired on the whole diet thing - I totally understand that one. Hard to think of new ways to eat lettuce. :)

Good news on no gain. Take care.

Tania said...

Hey girl, maintaining's a damn site better than gaining. Why is it that when you're waiting for something to arrive it always seems to take so much longer - damn Australia Post!!! Have a great weekend.

angelfish24 said...

Maintaining is ok some weeks. Yeah, you had a great loss last week, that's awesome.
Now, i wish I could quit plateauing or gaining a bit. I'll knuckle down and watch my food. Never ending battle for me.

White Rose Boy said...

Maintaining is good following a loss so don't worry about it.
You are doing just great.