Sunday 12 August 2007


How many of you remember or more like it, own up to knowing the song whose lyrics share the name of this post? Bonus points if you name the movie it came from.
I have gone back on the protein shakes. I had been umming and arghing want to do, so since I had some left over from my last attempt I decided to use them up.
I have a shake for breakfast and one for lunch with a salad. I allow myself to have 2 pieces of low GI fruit mid morning and afternoon. Dinner is 120-150grams of protein with veges from my free list. No bread, potatoes,pumpkin, rice,corn,peas (all the yummy ones). I'm having around 1200 cals and 80 grams carbohydrates a day.
I've cut out the caffeine and am drinking 2 litres of water a day.
So how am I doing? I have just finished Day 4 (a record for me I might add) and it has been tough I must admit. Not so much hungry, but empty, does that make sense? At first I struggled with the water,but now seem to have hit my straps with it. The worst part by far has been the horrible headaches which have eased somewhat today, so fingers crossed I have gotten over the worst of it. Oh and the continual running to the loo particularly at night has been a pain, but at least I know my kidneys are getting a good flush out.
I don't know how long I can sustain this, I have enough for a week so I'll evaluate it at the end of the week to see if I'll continue. I've had a peek on the scales and happy with how they have moved already - sorry don't want to say until my weigh in on Thursday.
It's one day at a time for me.


White Rose Boy said...

Nope can't remember the song or movie, honest.
You're doing well 4 days with only 1200 cals per day thats tough, keep that up and you'll soon see a big difference.

One word of caution and I don't mean to be negative. That intake is low and I think impossible to maintain all the time. Allow yourself a one off treat say every couple of pounds lost. Otherwise in a weak moment the inclination would be to gorge yourself, I know I've been there and I was working on 1400 cals per day.

Chris H said...

Good going, I agree with him above, take a day off once a week or you may end up blowing out.... and whatever works for you if great! That's my new mantra "If it works for you ... do it"...

Lyn said...

So we've both been craving this week huh? I found it's gotten easier after awhile but I'm only a day ahead of you on day 5.

keep it going and sorry to say I agree with the others on the burning out thing because while the scales may be moving nicely now they won't keep going every single week and if youre not having your treats youre gonna say stuff it!! And give in ... like any human being would.

angelfish24 said...

I see why you would want to do shakes and low cal. And if it works for you, then go for it. But for me, when i have gone on a diet such as this it would backfire as I would eventually feel deprived and gain the weight right back. Eating a balance diet of real, whole foods is the way to go and one you can do for life. I know, easier said that done. This being said by the woman who did the 2 week chicken and veggie diet that was promoted ages ago at GNC (gen. nutrition centers). I remember getting horrible headaches and couldn't decide if that was not enough water or just being so strict with the food and no variation. Weird I know.

I hope you don't get down by what I said and I hope you get the boost that you need to continue on the wt loss path.

Christine said...

I have tried the whole shake thing as well - but more so just a filler when I don't have time to eat but still want my calories to be on for the day. Looking forward to hearing how your expereince works for you.

You are very strong to cut out the coffee - thats a tough one! :) Take care.