Tuesday 28 August 2007


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I'm eating so many veges, I'm stating to look like a head of broccoli.It's all good though, but I do miss the carbs every once in a while. OK everyday, NO EVERY BLOODY DOG DANG MINUTE OF THE DAY!!!. On the plus side I do feel better,have regular daily ablutions and my body shape is changing.So all is good at the moment, STILL waiting for my new book to arrive, hopefully today as I cannot bear the thought of being on the shakes for another week.
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Today I have the day off work I have the rounds of Dr's to see (three) just what I love doing on a day off - NOT!


Rachel said...

Sorry to hear your not enjoying the shakes - I love em!

First weigh in tonight so I will see how effective they have been.

Hope your book arrives:)

Chris H said...

Hmmm lots of fruit and veges? Are you doing a detox too? Or have I missed something? Drrrrrr

Spidey said...

I feel your pain. I tried the no-carb way once and lost about 26 pounds before caving in. I tried it again recently and lasted just a few days...It is not easy, I really am rooting for you and I hope to see you keep going!

55kgs said...

I am on the no-carbs as well. It the only way that has ever worked for me. Helps my colon as well. :)

Tania said...

Oh I don't envy you - I couldn't give up carbs no matter how hard I try, i'm just settling for cutting them down a bit.

Hope you get that damn book soon - why oh why does it take so much longer the more anxious we are????

White Rose Boy said...

Its good you are seeing changes in your body you are doing well.
Hope the Docs appointments go well.

CactusFreek said...

Hey :o)
You sound like you are doing great! Eating heaps of veges give you an awesome sense of well being don't they?
I have to say that i don't think i could go without carbs. I like my bread and pasta too much!

I finished watching the third season of Deadwood this week, and i too am looking forward to the 4th season now!
I don't know why they've waited so long to get rid of that Hurst, when they kill anyone else at the drop of a hat!
Do you know when season 4 starts? And on what channel?
I noticed that the script is written by women...women! All that swearing written in by women!
I wrote an e-mail to Deadwood department of HBO asking why there is so much swearing in the show. I said that people didn't even know that language back then. And i didn't recall that kind of language in Little house on the prarie! lol
I didn't get a response though lol

Keep up the awesome work! :o)

Chris H said...

Mate, mousey No # 6 didn't suffer - I hit him on de head so fast he was a gonna instantly!!! ha haa ha

Meow Meow said...

Brocolli is always pretty, full of body and always GREEN.

I enjoyed the pics for the day. They made me laugh.