Tuesday 21 August 2007


Late last night ( and I emphasis late) I attempted to change my blog template and screwed it up big time.I very nearly lost the whole blog.

As you can see my blog appears smaller and squashed in, can anyone tell mw how to change this back???

Last week I was tagged by Mick (White Rose Boy), my apologies to Mick for not doing straight away, so here goes.


5 Things in my Refrigderator

- Veges,veges and more veges
- Skim Milk
- Eggs
- Cask of water
- Dog Food

5 Things in my Car

- Bat out of Hell CD
- Tissues
- Pen
- Street Directory
- Umbrella

5 Things in my Purse

- Money
- Credit cards
- Old Receipts
- Photo of my Daughter
- Drivers License

5 Things in my Closet

- Clothes
- Shoes
- Handbags
- Wedding Dress
- Hats

5 Things I want to see before I die.

- My weight down to at least 80 kilos( 176lbs)
- My daughter happy and content with her life
- Pyramids
- Tahiti
- Ireland

OK, the diet. Well the diet has been particulary hard, no bloody hard since starting back on it last Sunday. I am really struggling with it at the moment. I have the bad headaches back and my body is craving for some carbohydrates.A lesson has been learned. This is not a diet that can be broken, as it totally stuffs up the good work previously done. I feel totally craptastic again and it is taking all my resolve not gorge myself.


Dana said...

Hi! I randomly found your blog because we had some interests in common. I thought you would like to check out my blog about women's health and fitness.

Take a look and let me know what you think! :)

Thanks and happy reading! - Dana

Tania said...

Firstly, CONGRATS on such a huge loss - really motivating isn't it?

I can relate to EXACTLY what you're going through at the moment, after a huge loss on a high protein diet I couldn't sustain it due to personal problems and feel crap for it! I so want to get back on it and plan to from tomorrow.

I'm a carb addict, and while there aren't many on the plan I was following I did find a slice of multi grain bread toasted and cut up as croutons on my lunch time salad went a long way to eliminating the cravings!!!

I know it might not technically fit in with what you're trying to do but a girls gotta do whatever she can to make it work right?

Hang in there - just remember those jeans!

Chubbymum said...

Babe... all the shakes and the detox things going on lately is too much...

Sorry but you can lose this! Have faith in yourself.

Start tracking.

Have you done Weight Watcher points?

If not think about it.

Last week I tracked EVERY DAY and I did my exercise and I kept within my points and I lost 1.7

You can do this! I know you can do this and you don't have to do shakes and stopping everything to lose it. Just all in moderation hun.

Email me ok? I have something to show you. :-)


Chris H said...

RE blog layout.. sorry no idea. I am glad I have never been tempted to change mine, I would hate to lose it all!!! Re diet... twitch things around a bit, do what works for you, don't give in the the evil cravings... you are doing so well!

Meow Meow said...

I enjoyed your 5's.

We have the same weight goals. I'd be a happy camper at 176 ( i appreciate you converting it!!)

Christine said...

Gosh I wish that I could sit beside you gals and switch your blog for you -seems like several gals are having troubles with it.

Your pictures are squished on the side because they are either too small - and being stretched to fit - or they are too big and they are squished to fit.

Spidey said...

Diets suck. The alternative is usually worse. Sort of like "Life's a beetch and then you die."

The templates section of the blogger program should let you change your templates and preview them before hand. I have never tried any of the fancy templates that are custom so I don't know how to put them on or take them off. I just use the plain ones that blogger has in their system.

I think it is Mr. Moto that has the widest screen. I checked them all out and picked the ones with the widest screens. I am not sure why blogger has such tiny limited areas, but then they also have tons of break-downs and no customer service.

White Rose Boy said...

Don't let the hard work on the diet front be wasted you've done well recently.

On your list don't forget England is close to Ireland so when fulfilling that ambition don't forget to visit Yorkshire.

"the captain" said...

ROCK and ROLL rules. Sebastian sucks balls, and Motley Crue is bitchin!! High heels, red lipstick, and tons of booze.
Hope all is well for you. Stick to your plan and the weight will come off.

Don't eat too many beans like I did. Gas for three days, if you can believe it.

Back to the Batcave for more exercise. Watch out Robin, GASMAN is attacking!

"The Captain"

"The Captain" said...

Just for the record I didn't post that idiotic comment. Any chance you could remove it?