Tuesday 14 August 2007


First of all ,the answer to my question re song title on my last post is "The Milkshake" from the 80's movie "You Can't Stop the Music". You will all be forgiven about not knowing this movie, it starred Valerie Perrine and featured the Village People. I watched it recently on cable and it is soooo bad and has not dated well. I am embarrassed to say I actually saw this at the movies when it was released and enjoyed it. Ha! obviously my taste has refined over the years.

Still going on with the shakes. Thanks for all your comments on my last post. You are all absolutely right in what you all said.These are certainly not a long term option and quite frankly I am starting to feel the motivation waning, due to being limited in what I can eat.
Today is a colleagues 50 th birthday and I plan to have a piece of the Tiramisu cake I have ordered. My big challenge is to stop at one small piece. I have mentioned before I find I do better if I abstain from the treats, when I have them it only wets my appetite for more, then I think oh well, one more wont hurt, then it snowballs from there.
One thing is for sure, if I don't continue on with the shakes after Thursday, I definitely will be keeping to a restricted carbohydrate regime. My reason is I have done the hard yards with the headaches I had for 4 days, so I don't want to undo all that work (and suffering lol!).

I am putting out my feelers for a plan that is high Protein and low carbs, I know about Atkins, can anyone think of something else. I have heard about the South Beach diet, does anyone know the principles of this diet or tried it?? I'd be interested to know.
I'll leave you all with my thought for the day.


Chubbymum said...

I have a great book for you. Will send an email with details hun.


Chris H said...

Atkins is dreadful, sure you lose weight, but it ain't healthy. Hope Mandy has the answer! Love the wee picture/saying at the end.

White Rose Boy said...

Try Rachel from my blog she mentions been on the "South Beach" diet, she swears by it and she'll help with any advice.

Well no I know the name of the film I'll make sure I avoid it, lol.

Christine said...

Glad that you are still plugging along. You are a stronger person than I! Not sure if I could have made it thru those headaches. :) Hope you find the diet that is perfect for you. Keep us posted.

Meow Meow said...

I LOVE LOVE Garfield's thought. My classroom is actually decorated with Garfield.

A co worker dropped 40 pounds in 8 months using SOuth each. She did tell me from time to time she was eating CARDBOARD, but losing weight.

Just a thought.

angelfish24 said...

I know people who have lost weight on Atkins but I really don't think it's healthy. Too much fat! Bad for the heart!
I haven't tried the South beasch but I heard it is more do-able than Atkins. I think an expert on it would be pasta queen (half of me) at

She has lost like 190 lbs. and still losing and follows the South Beach diet I believe. Really inpirational.