Monday 20 August 2007


Back on the plan,after a small deviation on Saturday. Hubby and I went to a friends birthday bash, we both ate way to much and I also downed a few too many red wines. I didn't get too stressed about not sticking to my plan and I certainly was not going to take my shakes and eat the rabbit food. Sunday saw me get back on the wagon, so to speak.

We have had a couple of cold and rainy days here, you know the ones where the only thing you want to eat are the carbohydrate, dripping in saturated fat type foods - every obese person's Nirvana. I have struggled with the plan I must admit, particularly today and am already thinking what I can have for dinner (and I've just finished lunch). I need a hypnotist to get my mind of the food! Arrrrr

Having said all of this, yesterday I was shopping and bought myself a pair of size 20 jeans! WOW. A huge thing for me, as I cannot remember the last time I was a size 20, so am really happy with that. Every time I start thinking about food today, I think of my jeans and how I'll be an 18 soon. There is a god after all!!!


Spidey said...

You won the Weekly Weight Loss Challenge!! A little cheat day is OK!

Chris H said...

Woo hoo for jean shopping, I did that today too!! I did not buy any though, going to wait till I've lost 10 kgs again.... but it is neat to be getting into smaller sizes eh? Go girl!!!

angelfish24 said...

Way to go on the jeans! And the diet, way to go on the wt loss. The low carb thing would be hard for me as I love me some carbs.

Meow Meow said...

LOVED The pic!!!

On a positive note, they say red wine is sooooooooooo good for your heart!!! Think positive!

White Rose Boy said...

Fight the Food urges you are on track don't blow it.