Thursday 17 April 2008


DAY 3 - 126.2KG

Down another .800grams,I survived the lower calorie level, though I must admit I was starving after dinner and was constantly thinking of food.

I had my extra piece of bread with a cup of tea which helped somewhat, then went to bed.Drank more water yesterday than I usually do but I always seem to stop around 2pm, so will make a effort today to keep it up until dinner to see if that helps.

I had a absolutely shitty day yesterday at work - I was here for 11 hours and was so stressed out and cranky I though my head would explode, consequently I have to make a few apologies today - fuck!

Anyway best go and get my coffee I need to wake up!


CactusFreek said...

Woohoo .8 down. Thats great :o)

You shouldn't have to starve. I really felt for you when i read that :o(
Regardless of what the program says, if you are really hungry, your body is telling you it needs fuel. Eat fruit..please? :o)

Mick said...

Every loss is a move in the right direction, well done.

Lyn said...

LOL I had to laugh at the 'have to make some apologies today' remark. I so know what that's like! I came very close to biting off some customers heads the other day in a head exploding stressful moment! Lucky I didn't cause customers just walk out and don't come back. Poor Bill coped it instead :)

Congrats on the loss! Well done!

angelfish24 said...

Sorry to hear work is stressing you out. I can relate.
Good going on the loss. Hope your getting enough calories.

Nona said...

Glad you're already reaping the rewards of your efforts.

Sorry things are so hard in the office. Sounds really bad!!! You should have your company pay for stress management courses for your department. I think you have a good casse if fyou make such a request.