Friday 18 April 2008


DAY 4 - 126.2KG

No change on the scales, but hey I cannot loose every day can I.

Still plugging along. I have a week off work - thank god and I have had a day where no bugger from work has rung me to ask something or other - bliss!!

This morning I ran a few errands and bought some wool - I'm going to teach my self to crochet and make a blanket. I don't start small, I always go into things blazing!!! lol!

The days are getting cooler here, it's been drizzling all day and is one of those days where you could just eat warm comforting foods like soups and crusty hot bread - god I'm drooling already.

I want to take this week to get my sorry (large butt) back to the gym. I know it will help a multitude of things for me I just need to do it!!!


CactusFreek said...

Oohhhh i want a granny square blanket. Can you do that??? lol

Nona said...

You definitely deserve some you time.

I have never mastered crochet but I can do a little knitting and I find that very therapeutic. Make sure and show off your blanket when you are done and then make one for each of your blogging friends in their favourite colour. Mine's blue. LOL!!!

I'm am struggling so badly with the exercise demon. I hope you do get back to the gym. My experience in Tunisia taught me once again, how valuable exercise is to our weight loss goals.

Enjoy your break and keep up the good work.

Chris H said...

Have a great break, and yep, getting more exercise does help with the mood! Off to the gym you go then!

Chris H said...

Oh and I have croceted dozens of blankets in my day! It is fun... till you have done about 12!

Down Size us said...
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Down Size us said...
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CactusFreek said...

I'm with you, they shoulda taken the opportunity to get Cosi out. He'll win this now i reckon!
He has the gift of the gab but you'd think everyone would know that by now.
What was Michael thinking getting rid of Sean??? Just doing as Cosi told him too? I thought Michael was smarter than that. Too bad he realised too late.
And crying about it afterward to Sean? Somebody slap him!!

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