Sunday 27 April 2008


I've got a sore gluteous maximus muscle - or in my case gluteous maximus gigantus muscle.

I've been to the gym 4 times this week - yay for me!! Just doing weights and 20 mins on the treadmill. Yesterday I had my program revised and am now using some different machines - the big boys toys as I call them where all the guys workout lifting weights with their muscle belts on. The trainer asked me for some input and I simply stated I "Didn't want to be killed" with the workout!! ha

My butt is feeling the effects of the bike seat and the treadmill workouts, but hey I'm sure it is for the best as I do feel good after it. I'm a little stiff though as I leave the gym walking like I've had a pineapple delicately placed in the nether regions.

Today hubby,daughter and I went to The Rocks in Sydney, they have a market there every Sunday.Daughter and I just browsed the stands, they have some lovely things, a bit touristy (and expensive) but nice hand crafted things.

We also had brunch at a pancake place I used to frequent in my younger days. It was yummy and yes I know, not in my food plan, but as a once in a few years thing OK. I had a short stack of buttermilk pancakes ,egg,bacon, hash browns with whipped butter and maple syrup - divine!

I go back to work tomorrow - I'm looking forward to that - NOT! I have decided I'm telling them I need to leave 1 hour earlier twice a week so I can get to the gym. I'm sick of putting 50-60 hours in a week, it's time I changed some things to benefit me for a change. Now winter is coming it's going to get dark here around 5pm, so if I leave earlier I can go to the gym and be home in time to cook dinner.

Fingers crossed I'm successful!


Chris H said...

Jezzz you are a powerhouse of a woman! And yes, you darn well deserve to leave early a couple of times a week!!! 50-60 hour weeks!!! Stuff that girl, you gotta live too.

angelfish24 said...

Way to go on the workouts! I have been working out a bit too and I feel around the hip area. yikes, not good but I hope I'm making some progress as I was feeling like an old lady.
I hope you get lesser hours at work, you deserve that gym time!!!

Spider63 said...

A sorry-ass is the one that stops blogging and comes back 80 pounds heavier (remember him?). Your sore-ass will be a happy ass when you can fit into tighter pants and your hubby will show you his joy! All Good People will say AHA!

CactusFreek said...

Good on you for the gym visits! But what are you doing on the treadmill that causes a sore ass??
Have you thought about looking for another job?

Nona said...

Tee hee!!! Poor sweetheart!!!

50- 60 hours!!! WHAT!!! That is just punishing. Perhaps there is a BIG connection between your eating and your job!!! Huh!!! Think you're well within you right to get off early so you can take care of your self.

Hope the first days back aren't killers!!!