Tuesday 27 March 2007

Chunda Struck!

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Apologies now for the weak of stomach.

I feel absolutely dreadful after going out to dinner for my mum's birthday.We went to a all you can eat buffet and God it's repeating on me.I overate and chose all the wrong things, then came home and had some birthday cake(Marble Mud Cake). Now I'm paying for it. My stomach is gurgling and groaning and will probably keep me up for most of the night. Well if that's my penance I must accept it as I take full responsibility for the pig out. I suppose on a positive note my body is now telling me it doesn't like what I'm giving it, in the past it wouldn't have "batted an eyelid"
so to speak.


White Rose Boy said...

As long as the food was nice we'll let you off seeing it was your Mums Birthday.
I hope she had a great time.

Chris H said...

Know that feeling, still overeat sometimes and pay for it... and do it again and again .... when will we learn? It may have tasted yummy, but we spoil it by eating too much eh?

Oral said...

I know the feeling too. The pic is great.

Hope mom was thrilled with her birthday.

Spider63 said...

The best thing about the Buffet is that most of the stuff repeats on you all day and all night afterwards! Chunga chunka.