Monday 26 March 2007


This post is for my mum, tomorrow (Tuesday) is her 72nd birthday.My mum like most mothers, is a very special person.She's probably the only person who knows what I am thinking and feeling without words ever having to be spoken. She is selfless to the core and would give you her last dollar or scrap of food if she thought you needed it. I really try to emulate her as she is such a good and kind person.The photo I have posted of her is when she was courting my father in the mid 50's taken at the in spot of the time in Sydney,"The Troc" short for The Trocodero.As I mentioned earlier she reminds me of Maureen O'Hara or maybe even Deborah Kerr.

Also as promised here is my Dad,with a unknown female friend,he is a great Errol Flynn fan, but I think he look more like Clarke Gable - what do you think?


Rebecca said...

Your mum is LOVELY. I hope you let her read what you wrote. She would be thrilled to know you think so highly of her and speak so highly of her even when her ears are not there to hear your kind words.

Dad's right handsome too.

Happy Birthday MOM!

CactusFreek said...

Happy birthday to your Mum!
The photo of her looks really nice :o)
I reackon your Dad looks a bit like Antonio Banderas! [Woohooo go Mum! lol]

CactusFreek said...

..I take that back, he looks a LOT like Antonio Banderas!!

Abba said...

I think he looks like Antonio Banderas also!