Thursday 15 March 2007


Lost .400 grams (.880lb) this week. I am happy with the result considering all the stress I've had lately. Also, haven't really felt hungry probably due to not feeling 100%. I had a couple of incidents where I could of gorged my self on anything I could lay my hands on, but I was able to identify they wrere only me wanting a quick fix to my emotional problems.

Went to the funeral yesterday which I got through. It was so sad, but as I mentioned before such a relief as he is out of his misery. I also visited my brothers grave as it is now finished. It looks nice, but no where near good enough for the money my parents paid for it. They really take advantage of people when they are at their weakest emotionally.

Had my X-rays also, they were pretty straight forward and only had to be done once which is a nice change. Usually they have to do several times due to my "body habitus" that's medical talk for BEING FAT! Also booked my Bone Scan and told them of my concern, they took me in and showed me the machine and THANK GOD it is a newer version which means the machine only has to do one sweep and not two, so I'm more relaxed about that - I will still take some happy pills!!! lol

Anyway, my lunchbreak is nearly over - till next time.


Chris H said...

Body Habitus... shit I remember that being written on a medical report when I was being scanned for gall stones a few years ago! It took me a while to figure out what it meant, and I was furious! I WAS huge, but still.... it was insulting.

White Rose Boy said...

I've never been called "Body Habitus" everyone just sticks with a simple "Fat".
Anyway you've done well to lose a bit of weight with the stressfull week you have had, well done.

Chubbymum said...

Hun that is a great loss.

I hope the week gets better for you hun... it has been a pretty stressful one for you.

Keep up the great work with the weight loss though.. can you send some of the weight loss this way though... I need encouragement at the moment.

Love ya

Livy said...

I'm glad you got through all that. It's all over now. I went to a Dr years ago, when I was about 65kgs (20kgs lighter than I am now!!), and the first thing he said was that he could help me to quit smoking (I was a heavy smoker at the time!!) and to lose all my 'excess weight' I was carrying. I reacted quite defensively, saying "no thankyou, I am quite happy the way I am" and went home and cried my eyes out. shit, I was like a size 12.
Drs can be arseholes.

It shows how far you have come that you didn't eat everything in sight!!

Wanna_B_slim said...

Well done on the loss... And I am sorry to hear about your friend..
Terribly sad and very young...
I had a bone scan a few weeks ago... but I didnt stress out..I was just glad to be getting it all checked out...
Mind you the scan pics they gave me made me look like a telly tubby..rofl..
Wasnt very happy with those pics i can tell you...

angelfish24 said...

Way to go on the loss this week! And good luck on the bone scan test, it must be hard if you get claustrophobic. My sister is like that too and takes the happy pill to calm down.
It must have been a hard week with the funeral but it is important to pay respects.
Hope you have a better week.

CactusFreek said...

Good on you for the loss :o)

That's really rude about being "ripped off" by the grave people [sounds like a horror movie title]. It's like stealing from charity i reackon, and it should be monitored!

I hope you are looking after yourself :o)

I would give you encouragement, but i can't find yer stinkin posts. I can't tell you the maze i've run through trying to find them!! *Pulls hair out!!*

Chris H said...

Hey, thank you so much for the vote of confidence Re: my comments. It has made my day, I was almost scared to make comments today in case I offended someone!

Rebecca said...

I am sorry to read about Danny.

Be happy about the weight loss. I am sorry about all the medical problems you seem to be having. I hope they are diagnosed and treated asap.

Send me your willpower vibes. I am such an emotional eater.